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Dr. Cary Yurkiw,

Founder of True North Consulting

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I am a chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in the field. I have worked in over 80 clinics as a locum doctor and have seen many types of practice. Over the course of my career, I have treated over 10,000 patients. I am also an avid runner and have completed over 20 half and full marathons. In 2023, I wrote my 5th book, Joint Journey.

My passion for healthcare has driven me to make a real, positive difference in people’s lives. I have owned and managed my own clinics, and I have put my heart and soul into improving my patients’ well-being. I have faced challenges and overcome obstacles, developing solid skills as a consultant. I am excited to share these insights with you, whether you’re a health professional in private practice, someone who wants to get fit and run a marathon, or you are an inspiring writer.

For healthcare providers in private practice, I have seen how much of an impact efficient systems, unique patient experiences, and strategic marketing can have. These are game-changers in helping private clinics level up. And now, I’m stoked to share my experience and knowledge with young healthcare professionals like you to help you navigate the industry and achieve results that go above and beyond.

My journey hasn’t just been professional and business — it’s been deeply personal too. I overcame the weight-loss challenges I grew up with as a child and came out the other side, shedding over 32 pounds in just 100 days. My research and experience have allowed me to craft specialized programs and techniques to support others on their health and fitness journeys.


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Welcome to True North Practice Management


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, your practice deserves a partner who is not just focused on maintaining your operations, but on elevating them. At True North Practice Management, our mission is to guide your journey towards remarkable growth, superior quality of care, and robust financial health.
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Career Highlights 

Throughout my career, I have achieved remarkable milestones that have shaped my expertise and contributed to my success.

  • Chiropractor and practice owner for 25 years, providing quality care and service to patients of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Locum chiropractor for 5 years, working in over 80 multidisciplinary clinics across the country and gaining valuable experience and insights from different settings and teams.
  • Avid runner and fitness enthusiast, who has completed over 20 full and half marathons in North America, and who has successfully lost 32 pounds in 100 days by researching and applying effective weight loss techniques.
  • Author of four non-fiction books on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible, covering topics such as health, wellness, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

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Weight Loss

Join Coach Cary’s weight loss program and discover how to transform your body and mind with proven principles such as intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, and lifestyle tracking. You’ll get tailored advice, support, and encouragement from a certified coach who has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, boost their health, and maintain their results. Don’t wait any longer - start your weight loss journey today and unleash a new, confident you. Click here to visit our page and learn more.

Business Consulting for Health Professionals 

Learn how to run your healthcare practice more efficiently and profitably with Coach Cary’s business consulting. With over 25 years of clinic management experience, Coach Cary will help you streamline your operations, automate your systems, manage your cash flow, and invest wisely. You’ll also get tips on how to improve your patient satisfaction and retention, and how to market your services effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your practice and thrive in the competitive healthcare industry. Click here to visit our page and find out more.

Marathon Running 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, marathon running is a rewarding and challenging endeavor that can transform your life. Coach Cary’s marathon training program will provide you with the motivation, guidance, and support you need to prepare for your race and achieve your personal best. You’ll learn how to optimize your performance with interval training, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, and more. With over 20 years of experience in marathon running, Coach Cary knows what it takes to succeed and will help you do the same. Click here to visit our page and get started.

Publishing Your First Book 


If you have a story to tell, a message to share, or a skill to teach, Coach Cary can help you turn your ideas into a published book. With over 25 years of experience in writing and publishing, Coach Cary will guide you through every step of the journey, from organizing your thoughts to producing your first audiobook. 

Navigating the path to success can often seem overwhelming.

Are you facing challenges and obstacles to achieving your goals and need help? We are here for you. True North Consulting can provide you with guidance and support. Book your first consultation online with ease and convenience. Take that decisive step towards optimizing your practice, accelerating your career, and crafting a brighter future in the healthcare industry. Your journey toward excellence begins here.

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Working with Coach Cary was a game-changer for my marathon goals. His in-depth knowledge, personalized training plans, and unwavering support helped me overcome my doubts and achieve what seemed impossible. With his guidance, I completed my first marathon and set a new personal record. Coach Cary's dedication and passion for running are contagious, and I'm grateful for the invaluable lessons and motivation he provided throughout my training." 

-Jenna M 

"I can't thank Coach Cary enough for his incredible guidance and support on my weight loss journey. His personalized approach, tailored meal plans, and motivational coaching helped me shed 25 pounds and transform my lifestyle. I feel more energetic, confident, and happier than ever before. Coach Cary's expertise is unmatched, and I highly recommend his services to anyone ready to make a positive change." 

Sarah H

"I owe my success as an author to Coach Cary's expertise and guidance. His insights into the publishing industry, invaluable writing tips, and strategic marketing advice helped me navigate the complexities of self-publishing my first book. With his support, my book reached a wide audience, received rave reviews, and even became a bestseller. Coach Cary's commitment to my success and his unwavering belief in my abilities made all the difference. If you have a story to tell, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Cary as the coach who will empower you to make your authorship dreams a reality." 

- Jason M. author
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